Ultimate Law of Attraction and Christianity Manifestation Guide

Ultimate Law of Attraction and Christianity Manifestation Guide

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This Product Is A Digital Download 

Law of attraction and Christianity really do go together and there is proof of the law of attraction in the Bible AND proof is this is how God wants us to live, which is where the Christian manifestation guide came from. Let me give you a back story.

I started creating the Christian Manifestation Guide because I was a victim of self-defeating thoughts. I would then pray for God to change my situation and then wonder why nothing was happening. And that is when God spoke to me and told me that I was keeping Him from answering my prayers and I was talking myself out of blessings because of what I was thinking and saying. And the crazy thing is that I did not even know I was doing it. In case you don't know what I mean because we ALL do it. Some of the most common thoughts include.

    • I am never going to get married.

    • (Fill in the blank) is never going to happen to me.

    • Why am I always broke and poor?

    • I am always struggling.

    • Things will never get better.

    •  I am so ugly or fat and no one will ever want me.

    • I am a failure. 


These are just to name a few but the fact of the matter is that we ALL say or think things that are negative about ourselves. I know that this can sound like a bunch of new-aged law of attraction stuff but the Bible clearly tells us to.

    1. Follow God and He will give us the desires of our hearts. (Psalm 37:4)

    1. Have faith that what we ask for will come to pass. (Mark 11:24)

    1. Call upon things as though they were. (Romans 4:17)

Which is basically proof of the law of attraction in the Bible and that there is a law of attraction from a biblical perspective.  That is when I realized that the law of attraction and Christianity really do go hand and hand. If you read Matthew Chapter 9 you will see that Jesus was trying to heal a little girl and people were laughing and mocking Him so He was not able to heal her. It was not until Jesus, sent the doubters out of the room that He was able to heal the little girl.

What this tells us is that our faith means a lot and if we do not have faith or believe that something is going to happen or we are always talking down to ourselves or a situation then it won't. Because God cannot work against your doubting spirit to get done what He needs to get done in your life.

And this is how the Fix It, Jesus! The Ultimate Christian Manifestation Guide was born. Combining both laws of attraction and Christianity. Unlike other affirmations, this guide is specifically Christians and it will teach you how to call blessings into existence through Biblical affirmations and scriptures in four different areas:

    • Having faith

    • Overcoming hardships

    • Relationships

    • Prosperity

    • And Self Esteem

How this guide combines the law of attraction and Christianity ~ watch the trailer below 

This guide combines the law of attraction and Christianity with 29 affirmations in 5 different areas. Each affirmation is backed up with an actual Bible verse that validates the affirmation. That way you know for sure that the affirmation is Biblically sound and what you are calling into existence are the exact blessings that God wants you to have.

The amazing thing about this product is that it is a digital download and as soon as you buy it you are going to get instant access.  Each affirmation comes with a note-taking section so you can write specific notes that you feel regarding the affirmation.

You can choose to take the affirmations with you, read them in the morning, in the evening, or wherever you want. And the BEST thing about the guide is that you can use the affirmations over and over again in whatever area you feel you are lacking or need a blessing in your life.

Does this sound good? I hope so because this guide is literally only $10! That's all, this can be your go-to guide for changing your mindset and getting into alignment with God in all areas of your life so that you can get the life I know you deserve. If this sounds good to you, then go ahead and buy.