Straightforward No Nonsense Single Mom Bible Study Workbook

Straightforward No Nonsense Single Mom Bible Study Workbook

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This product is a digital download. 


I am Dr. Sophia Reed, the owner, and creator of the single Christian mom blog Sophie-sticated mom.  I am also, the author of the single mom's devotional "Fix It Jesus: For Single Moms Only. The Straightforward No-Nonsense Guide To Passion Purpose and Prayer." A book in which the eBook was a #1 new release on Amazon and the paperback was #2 in the single parenting category.

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Most importantly I am a single mother that has done it all and been through it all AND has made it out of it all. (Click here to see my about me page).  After I wrote the single mom's devotionaI I thought to myself why stop here. There are not many products out there for the Christian single mom. Therefore, I created an entire bundle dedicated to the empowerment and encouragement of the Christian single mom. 

I personally could not find such an interactive Bible study workbook anywhere. This is why I created this single mom Bible study workbook that I felt the world was missing.  One that I would want to read myself. And trust me, I have very high standards, so if I would want to read it then I know for a fact you would too.

The Straightforward No-Nonsense Single Mom Bible Study Workbook was created to be an add-on to my single mom's devotional Fix It Jesus: For Single Moms Only. The Straightforward No-Nonsense Guide To Passion Purpose and Prayer. BUT it can also be used as a stand-alone Bible study workbook as well. In my own experience, I used to journal a lot. I wrote down my prayers, God's responses to my prayers, and what I felt like God was saying to me at that time. Writing these things down made it a whole lot easier to hear from God.

Even as I fast forward five or even ten years later, I still have all my journals and prayers from God written down. I love to go back and read my letters, my prayers, and my journal entries. It is incredible to see how many of those prayers have come to pass. When you write down God's plan for your life, if there is an ever-evolving document that you can always refer back to when you want to know God's will for your life. Which was the same type of experience I wanted you to get from this single mom Bible study workbook?

How The Single Mom Bible Study Workbook is set up

I understand that journaling does not come easily to everyone. So I did not want to put a bunch of blank pages in a book for you to fill out and call it a day. Instead, there are 30 different assignments and guided questions that will help you discover how to hear from God on your own and to know what God is explicitly saying to YOU about YOUR situation.


The workbook itself is 72 pages, and each assignment is based on a corresponding day from my single mom's devotional. BUT "The Straightforward No-Nonsense Single Mom Bible Study Workbook" is not just an add-on to the single mom's devotional in the sense that it is just regurgitating the same information in the book. Instead, it adds more information that is NOT mentioned in the book so that you can reach a higher level in your spiritual journey.

Look below for the pages that were taken from the workbook.

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And if you still do not believe me, then you can click here to join my email list Sophie-stication Nation. Not only will you get the first chapter of my book for free BUT you will also get the two chapters of the workbook for free as well.

What makes this product so unique is that it is delivered in a straightforward, no-nonsense way that you can understand and relate to. The questions in the workbook are geared to give you a unique experience, by asking you to answer the questions as it relates to you so that you can get a better insight on what God wants for your life.

It is not helpful for me to tell you what God is telling me. God speaks to us all in a different way, and therefore you need to know what God wants YOU to do. After you complete the single mom Bible study workbook, you will be left with the skills to start reading scripture on your own, knowing how God's word can be applied to you, AND you will learn how to better hear from God.

The Benefits Of This Bible Study Workbook Include:

    • The single mom Bible Study workbook can serve as an add-on to my single mom's devotional.

    • The workbook can also operate as a stand-alone Bible study workbook because of the additional assignments and readings not mentioned in the book or the video.

    • Has 30 assignments with 30 different focuses, that specifically relate to you as a single mom.

    • The workbook is a digital download, so once you buy it, you get immediate access.

    • A workbook that teaches you to start hearing from God on your own.

    • A Bible study workbook that you can always refer back for encouragement and to read what God has spoken specifically to you.

All of this for the affordable cost of $9.99. You can get this workbook for less than you can get a pair of shoes, a purse, or even an outfit. And unlike those material things, this workbook has information and knowledge that will stay with you over time.

What if you could have an interactive journal that you can refer to month after month, year after year, that will motivate you and remind you of where you use to be and where God wants you to be. Do you think that it is worth the $9.99? If so, then purchasing this workbook will be worth your time.


As a reminder, this Bible study workbook is a digital download.