Straightforward No Nonsense Bible Study For Single Moms Video

Straightforward No Nonsense Bible Study For Single Moms Video

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I am Dr. Sophia Reed, the owner, and creator of the single Christian mom blog Sophie-sticated mom. 

Most importantly I am a single mother that has done it all and been through it all AND has made it out of it all. (Click here to see my about me page). After I wrote the single mom’s devotional “Fix It Jesus: For Single Moms Only. The Straightforward No-Nonsense Guide To Passion Purpose and Prayer” I thought to myself why stop here. There are not many products out there for the Christian single mom.

Therefore, I created an entire bundle dedicated to the empowerment and encouragement of the Christian single mom, including this The Straightforward No-Nonsense Bible Study For Single Moms video. This video-based Bible study for single moms is the most comprehensive addition to the Straightforward No-Nonsense For Single Moms only collection.

    What You Can Expect From The Video

    You will feel like there is another single mother who has been where you are, knows what you are going through, and is giving you a road map to get a better life as a single mom. 

      • With this video, you will be getting over two hours of content.

      • Each video addresses each day that is in the book and the workbook BUT adds additional and personal information that will encourage you as a single mom.

      • The video offers unique stories about my single mom's journey and how I went from struggling to now being Dr. Sophia Reed, the Nationally certified counselor.