Everything You Need To Know About Spiritual Fasting From Beginning To End

Everything You Need To Know About Spiritual Fasting From Beginning To End

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This product is a digital download. 


Fix-It, Jesus! Everything You Need To Know About Spiritual Fasting From Beginning To End is an easy-to-read, quick guide that will help you master the art of Christian fasting. This book on fasting is the perfect eBook for discovering the hidden power of prayer and fasting.

If you are curious about Christian fasting but you don't know how to do it and you don't know how it can benefit you then this book is the perfect place to start.  For those times when you need a prayer answered, the times you need to hear from God on what direction to take in your life, for the times that you need healing, need to get closer to God, or to even feel the presence of God; for those times where you need divine intervention or are facing an addiction of any kind fasting and prayer could be the answer you need.

This guide is an interactive eBook complete with 35 pages that will teach you everything you need to know about fasting. Included but not limited to:

    • How to prepare for a fast.

    • What to do during the fast. How to maintain the fast.

    • What to fast from.

    • What to do after a fast.

    • Why fasting is a quick way to get God’s attention.

    • How to turn fasting into a spiritual process.

    • AND how God, prayer, and the Bible fits into all of these things.

This eBook will teach you how fasting and praying can be used for healing, to get your prayers answered, as well as other BIBLICALLY based prominent reasons why individuals fast and how to get real-life results that you can actually see and feel in your everyday life. 

The book is complete with suggested scriptures to read PLUS, Biblical accounts of where people fasted, AND how you can imitate and get the same results. This book is easy to read, understand, and implement so that there is no second-guessing on what this whole Christian fasting thing is about.


Check out my video below that will answer your questions about the book. 


    • AND that is not even the best part. The best part is that you will get all of this, via digital download (which means right away), all for the low cost of .99 cents. That's it.


    • What if you could read a book on fasting that could transform your spiritual life, unlock the hidden power of praying and fasting, or teach you how to start fasting the proper Christian way? What if you could be transformed by this process? Don't you think that it is worth .99 cents? Like literally less than the amount that you can get something on the dollar menu at McDonald's you can own this guide that will transform you from the inside out.