5 Step Plan To Getting Over A Married Man

5 Step Plan To Getting Over A Married Man

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The idea to create the 5 Step Plan To Getting Over A Married Man started when I continued to get comments, questions, and frustrations from my many readers dealing with this situation. When I first wrote my blog post “Why A Married Man Cannot Fall In Love With His Mistress” actually stemmed from a real-life situation with a friend of mine.

She was technically single, wanting a relationship, wanting kids, and wanting to get married but the thing that was keeping her back was the fact that she was in a situationship with a married man for YEARS. And instead of her accepting the situation for what was, she convinced herself that this man loved her, that he was going to leave his wife, and she was willing to wait until this actually happened.

The advice I gave to her was the same advice that I placed in this audio. Because it became clear to me how many women were in relationships with married men. Some wanted to be in them and some wanted their married man to just run off into the sunset with them. But what it really comes down to in ALL of these scenarios is that being in a relationship with a married man is settling for less than what you deserve.

    • Hearing that all these women were cheating with married men.

    • Getting into arguments with wives over the married man.

    • Wanting the man to leave his wife for her.

    • Waiting around for years for the man to finally leave his wife.

Left me feeling frustrated for them. Even though I do not know you I care about you, your wellbeing, and you being happy in your romantic relationships. This is why I created this audio.

    • How would you feel to have a man that is fully dedicated to you?

    • How would you feel to be able to call and/or visit a man that you are seeing whenever you wanted to without having to worry about his wife?

    • How would you feel to be able to openly date, meet his family, and for him to meet yours?

    • How would you feel if you could just stop arguing or going back and forth with a man over his wife?

    • How would you feel to be free of all the drama and a love triangle that you really don’t need to be in, in the first place?

That is what the 5 Step Plan To Getting Over a married man will get you. Audio with nearly 25 minutes of content with 5 separate segments that will give you the blueprint you need to end your situation with a married man. This audio is like talking to a wise woman, that is also a really cool girlfriend. There are five specific segments that will tell you exactly what you need to do to stop being a mistress and to start getting the relationship you deserve.


What The Segments Include

Segment 1: Helping You See The Situation For What It Is. Thinking logically over emotionally.

Segment 2: Understanding how having an affair is allowing negativity to breed in your life.

Segment 3: Implement Your No Contact Plan and Start To Separate Yourself From The Situation.

Segment 4: How To Get Your Mind Off Married Men And Shift To More Available Men
Segment 5: Learning What The Best Relationship For You Looks Like & How To Get that.



    • This audio is both entertaining and truthful.

    • Delivered by myself having a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, a Ph.D. in human behavior, and a National Certified Counselor.

    • Easily portable audio that can be listened to in the car, as you work out, or on your way to your morning commute. Anywhere that you can take your phone and/or headphones this audio can be taken with you.

    • If you knew there was a product that could teach you to walk away from an affair, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that it was the right thing to do and to give you peace of mind what you buy it?

In case you are still not sure please understand that this product is only $2.99 because that is how dedicated I am to your success. I wanted to make it super affordable so that it could be accessible for anyone who wants to move on from a married man. What are you waiting for?